Custom Hardwood Designs

Posted on: March 27, 2014
Tags: Mirage Hardwood American Walnut Natural Herringbone
Mirage Hardwood American Walnut Natural Herringbone

Hardwood floors are classic and timeless. They are an original creation. They are dramatic statements or subtle representations that complement your use of space. They can be modern... edgy... highly contemporary. Depending on your design style, you can make hardwood flooring any look you want. However, why stop with just a simple hardwood floor? Why not make it a work of art, a masterpiece for everyone to see and enjoy?

Mosaic patterns and inlay designs offer a unique look and feel to your home. Today's natural materials offer so many design options to create beautiful, detailed patterns. Materials such as hardwood, as well as mixing a collection of species of hardwoods, or glass or stone offer an endless variety of contrasting combinations. No need to stop there... Why not add a little shine to your pattern with metals, such as brass or copper? With unique vision, you can switch up the look of your floors with an uncomplicated medallion in the middle of your room. You can personalize your home with simple monograms or a family crest. Perhaps you want to create a border around your existing hardwood floors, creating a 'picture-frame' of floor art for your dining room. If that's what you prefer, plan on a lot of entertaining!

Retro patterns, such as the Herringbone, are making a huge comeback with a bang. Herringbone floors have rich history as a traditional floor pattern in Europe. The configurations of Herringbone can be changed to create new patterns, such as a Chevron, also called a French Herringbone. For a more traditional look and feel, but with a little rustic flair, an antique wood plank floor custom finished and pegged might be the right fit.

Whether you consider yourself traditional, classic, modern or edgy, there are so many choices in design style that can set you apart. If a picture is worth a thousand words, why not spice up your living space with a breathtaking work of art?