Floor Protection During the Holiday Season

Posted on: December 4, 2019
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Mannington Restoration Collection

Thanksgiving may be over, but the gatherings and parties are ready to begin! As 2019 winds down, the kids will be out of school for winter break before you know it. Family and friends will gather at your home for hours of entertaining and fun, holiday activities! This is also the beginning of the muddiest, slushiest and snowiest time of year. With so many visitors, your floors could be in store for some potential risks. With wet weather and increased foot traffic, here are some steps you can take to protect your floors during this festive time of year!

Door Mats –

Door mats are the first line of defense when it comes to the hazards of dirt and debris. Effective and underestimated, they can cut down on the amount of snow, dirt, and salt that gets tracked into your home. By doing so, you’re also protecting your floors from potential scratches and scuffs

Area Rugs –

Protecting your hardwood floors is always a key concern during the entertaining season. Area rugs and runners not only can change the décor of your home, but they are key in high traffic areas, such as an entry or hallway. Area rugs can protect those areas that your guests or visiting family members will congregate in. Be sure to use rugs with a natural backing, such as felt, on your hardwood floors, instead of rubber-backed rugs

Shoes Off Please –

For years, I’ve always made guests or family remove their shoes from coming into our house. It’s not that we had expensive floors, we were far from that when we started a family. We had an old milk crate that we put shoes into and when we were ready to leave the house, we put our shoes back on. Of all our family and friends, not one ever complained when I asked them to remove their shoes. Not only that, they began doing it in their own home! Don’t be bashful!

Pets and Pedis –

Most people don’t take their pets with them when they get pedicures, some do, but most will take their pets to get their nails trimmed at a grooming facility. When you’re hosting a party or gathering of any fashion, remember that some pets may get nervous or excited. Be sure to keep their nails trimmed. Not only will your floors be happy, but your pets will be happy with soothing paws

Christmas Trees –

You can’t beat the pros of a real Christmas tree in the home. From picking out the tree as a family outing, putting the tree up and the smell of a real tree throughout your home, it’s a memory making experience you will have for your lifetime. Over time, however, the needles can make a mess and the water can be a hazard to any type of flooring. Be sure to have a waterproof barrier between your tree and floors to catch any spills. Make sure that you also place a tree skirt over for added protection. You never want to wrap a towel around as it will trap moisture and cause possible damage to your floors

Clean Often and Be Prepared –

With a house full of people or kids home from school, it’s inevitable for spills to happen. Keep paper towels and microfiber cloths readily available, as well as floor cleaners for both carpet and hard surface. Oftentimes, a clean cloth with water can soak up a wine spill on carpet. If that doesn’t work, use a carpet cleaner that is recommended by your carpet manufacturer. Lastly, the obvious is to always keep a vacuum and/or broom available to sweep your floors regularly

As the holiday entertaining season approaches, we hope these tips will be helpful as you enjoy your time with visiting family and friends.