Cincinnati & Dayton Greener Flooring Options

Greener Options

Reclaimed Lumber Tobaccowood
Reclaimed Lumber Tobaccowood

the choices we make today will impact the world that we live in tomorrow...

Many Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky homeowners are opting for more sustainable options when installing floors. 

While no flooring product has zero impact on our planet, some materials make less of an impact than others in terms of manufacturing and discarding.  By defining quality in terms of “green” products, this requires us to take a look at what happens over the lifetime of a product.  Offering our customers the opportunity to take advantage of our “green friendly” materials also promotes responsibility to the environment.  By doing so, this will help lead to healthier indoor and outdoor environments to live in.  

Our Green flooring products are made from sustainable and reclaimed raw materials.  Such products include bamboo, mulberry, palm flooring, cork, and renewable and sustainable carpet choices.   

Bamboo Bamboo is more durable than oak or other hardwoods -  

  • Bamboo is a rapidly renewing resource that matures in as quickly as three years
  • It regenerates with no need of replanting or fertilizing
  • Can be harvested multiple times compared to hardwood trees that can only be harvested once
  • Bamboo is recyclable and biodegradable

*** Inquire about other options, such as Mulberry and Palm Flooring***


  • The cork tree is never cut down or damaged, only the bark is harvested from the tree, making this better than a renewable resource
  • Cork is recyclable and biodegradable
  • Cork absorbs sound, impact, and is resilient
  • Comfortable and warm underfoot


  • Wool products that absorb indoor contaminates to help improve indoor air quality
  • Fibers made from renewable corn sugar, as well as recycled contents, such as plastic soda bottles
  • Floor care products that are non-toxic, made from all natural ingredients and are soap free
  • Carpet padding made from recycled foam trimmings
  • End of life carpet is either reused to make new carpet or is recycled into a variety of other “green” products

*** We carry We Cork, Amorim Cork, as well as Teragren Bamboo and Green Choice.  These products come from sustainable and renewable resources, offering an appealing alternative from traditional hardwood.  We also carry Smartstrand and SmartCushion from Mohawk, both of which are a CRI Green Label product for air quality ***


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