Area Rugs For Your Home

September 29, 2020
Stanton Carpet

Area rugs are like a piece of art, generating a lot of visual energy, as well as curiosity. From a physical perspective, they add cushioning to you step and help absorb sounds within rooms. From an aesthetic perspective, they make a room feel more layered, creating a more pulled together, professional look. 

POSSIBILITIES: The possibilities with area rugs are endless!

  • As the seasons change, you can rotate your area rugs to Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter
  • Do you have a playful side? Animal prints, bright colors, modern styles and fun shapes will bring your personality into every room
  • Changing up your color palette with a simple area rug that matches your current décor will add a little extra pop of color
  • Holidays are also a great opportunity to decorate with special area rugs that won’t bust your budget. Can you imagine Santa and his elves flying off your floors from his sleigh in your own living room!

TRAFFIC PATTERNS: Determine which traffic patterns fit each area of your home:

  • High Traffic – Areas such as hallways, family rooms, entry ways (foyers) and kitchens tend to have the highest traffic. For high traffic areas, you want to look for more durable, stain-resistant area rugs
  • Medium Traffic – Rooms that are often less travelled, such as a home office or dining area, are considered medium traffic areas. Consider man made rugs, hand-knotted or hand-tufted area rugs
  • Low Traffic – Guest rooms, bedrooms, and formal living rooms are considered low traffic areas. For these areas, you have a wide variety to choose from because you can go as minimal or as luxurious as you want

RUG PADS: Also known as underlays, rug pads provide multiple benefits for your area rugs: 

  • Add years to the life of your area rugs
  • Provide additional comfort and softness
  • Prevent slipping and keep rugs in place to prevent falls
  • Protects the floors underneath

Once you find the type and style of area rug for your home, the most important consideration when choosing THE ONE is to make sure that it ‘speaks to you…’ Every time you look at it, you want to feel as though you’re looking at it and feeling it for the first time… every time.