Blog Entries - Jan. 2022

Sustainable Options for your Home Hardwood Flooring

The Most Sustainable Wood to Use for Flooring

January 24, 2022  |  Design Trends, Tips and Tools

Many people would opt for more sustainable sources of wood if given the option, but it can be hard to know which types of wood are sustainably sourced, and which types of wood have a negative net impact on the environment.  

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A person picking out carpet and the types of carpet materials

Common Materials Used for Carpet (and Which is Best for You)

January 10, 2022  |  Carpet, Design Trends

Carpet is one of the most popular materials used for flooring, and with good reason. Carpet can cover almost any other type of flooring material, helps retain heat, absorbs sounds, and adds an extra touch of style to a room.  

However, not all carpets are made the same. A wide variety of materials can be used to produce carpets, and each has its own benefits.  

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