Cheap vs. Quality

August 31, 2017
Poor seams
Carpet Seams

“Any room of carpet installed for only $39.00, regardless of size!” OR “Free Pad with your carpet installation!” OR “CHEAPEST prices in town!” Sound all too familiar? We know nothing is free. If everything was free, we would have a lot of extra money to spend! Even if everything was free, is it worth the “free” cost? Advertising tactics like this may draw consumers into the showrooms of local flooring companies or big box stores, but in so many instances give the consumer exactly what they pay for in the end. Sometimes it’s inferior installation, other times it’s the infamous ‘bate and switch’ – Choosing and paying for a higher quality carpet but getting a lower grade instead. When choosing flooring materials and installation services for your next home remodel project, keep these points in the back of your mind when you want to go CHEAP:

  • Cheap is breakable
  • Cheap is poor quality
  • Cheap is quick
  • Cheap is quickly replaceable
  • Cheap is cheap
  • Cheap costs time
  • Cheap costs money
  • Cheap costs you time and money

At the end of the day, if I’ve lost time or money, I can’t afford cheap…