Cozy Carpet Tips

July 29, 2020
Mohawk Air Carpet
Mohawk Air.o Carpet

Finding the right type of carpet for your home is more than just exciting, it’s cozy and it’s comfortable. However, you want to shop smart. It’s more than just finding a style that fits your personality, as well as in the color you like. It’s a choice based on your family lifestyle. Do you have children? If so, what are their ages? Do you have pets? How often do you entertain? Consider your day-to-day activities and you just might find out that a pure, bright, white carpet may not be the answer. Here are some buying guidelines that give you a starting point for putting the right product underfoot!

Quality: You get what you pay for, plain and simple. Carpet that has a greater pile density and tighter twist means you will have greater durability in the long run. Go for the higher quality product if you can, the expense will be well worth it.

Color: Here are some basic guidelines to picking out a color:

  • Carpet is always going to be lighter than the small sample that you picked from
  • The lighter the color of the carpet, the larger the rooms will look; The darker the color, the smaller your rooms will look
  • Fleck or two-tone carpet is perfect to add more depth to your rooms. These types of carpet tones add subtle hints of color that can coordinate with many color palettes
  • If you plan to sell your home in the future, go with the more neutral colors because it will appeal to buyers, especially when they’re trying to figure out how to ‘decorate’ this new home as they walk through

Stain Protection: Consider the stain protection for the carpet you choose. You may have different levels of protection and warranties, especially as the quality of the carpet increases.

Carpet Cushion (Padding): Although padding goes under the carpet and it is not seen, it plays an important part for your carpet. A higher quality padding can provide tougher protection against wear and tear. Purchasing a recommended padding from the carpet manufacturer will also keep the warranty of your carpet in place.

Warranty: Carpet is an investment, just like any large purchase you make. Read the warranty for the product and the specs. Knowing the information will help you protect your investment.

Cost: When pricing out carpet, many retailers like to use the “per square foot” pricing as those calculations ‘appear’ lower on paper. However, most retailers will price carpet per square yard as an industry standard. When asking for a quote, make sure that everything is covered, not just the material. Things to expect in quoting are furniture removal and replacement, demo, carpet cushion (padding), installation, and freight. When working up your budget, factor in ALL these items. Lastly, remember that NO carpet installation is free as often advertised by big box stores. Your installation is probably figured into other costs, such as a higher pad price or carpet price.

Once you make your final purchase, always remember that you need to schedule regular professional cleaning for your carpet to keep the carpet warranty valid. A typical cleaning schedule is every 12-18 months. Ask your retailer for the manufacturer’s warranty and care guidelines for cleaning and maintenance.