How Often Should Carpet Be Replaced?

How Often Should Carpet Be Replaced?

November 21, 2022  |  Carpet, Pet Proofing
Dog on carpet, how often should it be replaced

Carpets can make fine additions to any room in your house. But just like with anything else, carpets need to be replaced after they begin to wear out.  


At A Step Above Flooring, we are often asked how often a carpet should be replaced. 


The answer comes down to several variables, and no two carpets will have the same timeline.


However, there are a few guidelines you should follow to help you determine when it is time to ditch your old carpets and replace them with new ones.  


Keep reading to learn how you can tell it is time to replace your old carpets.  


Signs that it is Time to Replace Your Old Carpets 


Saying goodbye to a beloved carpet is not always easy. But new carpets can give your home a splash of life.  


Take it from the Cincinnati carpet installation experts, these are the top signs that it is time to bid farewell to your old carpeting. 


Your Carpet is Frayed, Worn, and Torn 


If you begin to notice any of the following, it is a sign that your carpet is on its last leg. 


  • The carpet is thin in certain areas 

  • The edges of the carpet have small rips, loose string, or holes 

  • Your carpet starts to feel hard or uncomfortable underfoot 

  • The color has begun to fade away 

  • The carpet has become matted and flat, and won't fluff back to normal 


These are all signs that your carpet has seen a high amount of foot traffic and wear. Soon frayed, worn, or torn carpets will become unsightly and unusable. Replace them now before they become a burden. 


Large Stains that Won’t Come Out 


Everybody spills a little bit of food and drink on their carpet. 


Most of these small, everyday stains will come out from regular washing. However large stains are much harder to remove and can mean the end of your carpet’s life.  


Stains from sources like red wine, paint, and animal accidents can be hard to remove (if not impossible). 


If your carpet has been ruined by a large unsightly stain, it's time to face the facts. You need to replace your carpet.  


Your Carpet Has Taken on an Unpleasant Odor 


You likely won’t complain if your carpet smells like lilacs and roses. But, if it starts to smell like a dirty sock or a salty dog, you will quickly find yourself spending less and less time in the same room.  


Unpleasant odors are not something you want in your home. And your guests will be unlikely to make a return visit if their nose is under attack.  


If your carpet has taken on an unpleasant odor, it is time to find a replacement.  


Your Carpet is Old and Out of Style 


Sorry to say it, but the '80s are gone, and they aren't coming back.  


If your carpet is from the last millennium, then it’s time to lay it to rest. Carpets from decades past can age your home and leave a stale impression on guests.  


The best way to give your home a modern, style appeal? Replace your carpets with a more recent model. 


A Step Above Floors has the Best Carpet Installation in Cincinnati 


There are many signs that your carpet needs to be replaced. From wear and stains to outdated aesthetics, old carpet does nothing but bring down your home's appeal.  


If you have noticed any of the warning signs listed above, then it is time to get a new carpet.  


A new carpet can infuse your home with a splash of life and color that cannot be beaten by any other accessory.  


If you are ready for superior carpets with reliable installation, look for the best in Cincinnati, look for A Step Above Flooring.  


We have a wide selection of carpets to choose from and a team of dedicated professionals who will ensure that your carpet installation process is as easy as can be.  


If you are ready for new carpets, go a step above. Reach out to A Step Above Flooring today! 


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