How to Match Furniture with Your Floors

How to Match Furniture with Your Floors

December 6, 2021
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One of the hardest parts about getting new furniture is finding pieces that match your floor.  

It can be heartbreaking to turn down an exquisite piece just because it doesn’t go with your new carpet.  

Worse still is buying gorgeous new furniture only to get home and realize it looks awful against your hardwood.  

Nearly everyone can identify a stylish set of furniture, but most people do not know the rules for matching furniture to flooring.  

In this post, we will go over some general guidelines to help save you the trouble and heartache that comes with matching stylish furniture to your floors.  

The Rules of Matching Hardwood with Furniture 


We use the term “rules” loosely because as far as matching floors with furniture goes, if it looks good, you’re good to go.  

However, there are some general guidelines that interior designers generally adhere to when selecting furniture for a room. 

Here are some ideas to consider: 

  • The contrast between light and dark wood can look very stylish. This is especially true with light wood floors and dark furniture.  

  • Likewise, light upholstery and frames pop with dark wood floors.  

  • Dark leathers look great matched with light floors.  

  • Always be consistent, mixing dark and light furniture does not typically look good.  

  • You can use accents to match floor color when the furniture’s hue differs.  

Keep in mind that wood on wood can look spectacular if matched correctly. But you must ensure the shades of wood complement each other. 

If you are struggling to discern what you should do from the guidelines listed above, remember this: the most basic style rule is that the hues of floor and furniture match, while upholstery contrasts. If you do this, no matter how bad your eye for fashion, you will create a stylish room.  

A Word on Style 

Now that you know how to match colors and hues, you are probably wondering what kinds of materials to get for your room.  

It’s always best to stick with a timeless style. Don’t go for any furniture that is overly gaudy or trendy for the time (unless flashy and out-there is your style!)  

Instead, the safest bet is to stick with simplistic furniture that comes in naturalistic, rustic styles and suits any period.  

Buy furniture that will last a long time and keep its resell value, instead of furniture that you will have to change out every season.  

Here are some ideas to keep in mind whether you have carpet, hardwood, or anything in between: 

  • If you want to experiment, start with accents, they are easy to change out if your experiment fails. 

  • Leather is an ideal material as it suits any style and lasts a long time. 

  • Fabric furniture looks good with hardwood but should be used sparingly with carpet. 

  • A simple area rug will help you match colors more efficiently. 

  • Compliment hues above all else.  

  • Light on light typically looks good, but dark on dark can make a room appear drab.  

  • If your room is too dark, add light accents to give it some life 

  • Create a color palette for your room by layering natural hues.  

Remember to always look at your undertones and make sure they complement one another. There is a lot of room for experimentation with interior design, so take your time and don’t be afraid to bend the rules. You may surprise yourself.  

Your Style Says a lot about You 

Are you warm and sunny? Or dark and brooding? Are you more of a Spring or Autumn household? Do you want one style year-round, or are you aiming to switch it up with each season? 

You have many options when deciding the style of your rooms and what you decide will make a definitive statement about you and your personality. 

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