What is the Best Flooring for an Office?

What is the Best Flooring for an Office?

What is the Best Flooring for an Office

Picking out new flooring is one of the most exciting parts of interior design. However, it also comes with a set of unique challenges. There are so many different flooring types to choose from for offices, and the choice of which is right for you comes down to your office's needs. 

For example, if you are looking for flooring for a commercial space, you may want a different flooring type than if you were looking for flooring for a home office. Also, for larger offices, you may need several different kinds of flooring. Your office likely isn't just one room, you may need different flooring types for bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, and other rooms that are unique to your workplace. 

If you are looking for some office flooring ideas, this blog is for you. We will discuss a few types of flooring that you may consider for your office. We will discuss how you can size up your office and the steps you can take to identify the perfect carpet.  

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Your Office’s Flooring Needs 


When considering the flooring needs of your office, it is essential to take into account several factors. First, identify the number of people who will be working in the office daily. The more people, the higher the foot traffic, which means the flooring must be durable and resistant to wear and tear. 

Next, determine the number of rooms in your office. Different rooms may have various flooring requirements. For example, reception areas might benefit from an attractive and welcoming flooring option, such as carpet or hardwood. However, conference rooms may require a flooring material that helps reduce noise and provides a professional atmosphere, such as carpet tiles or broadloom carpet. 

Consider the type of environment you want to create in your office. If you aim for a modern and sleek appearance, consider laminate or polished concrete flooring. On the other hand, if you prefer a warmer and more traditional atmosphere, hardwood or engineered wood flooring can enhance the overall aesthetic. 

Let's quickly look at a few different types of spaces you may need to fill.  

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Kitchens and Bathrooms 


Don't forget to plan for functional spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. They are different than other areas in your office because they are more likely to be exposed to food and water spills. These areas should have flooring that is easy to clean and maintain, such as linoleum or ceramic tiles, to ensure hygiene standards are met. 

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Entryways and Reception 


Entryways and reception areas are likely to see the heaviest foot traffic out of any room in the office space. However, they also need to be welcoming and attractive spaces. Oftentimes, people choose flooring such as carpet that is made for heavy foot traffic or luxury vinyl tiles that are warm and stylish.  

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Individual Office Spaces or Cubicle Areas 


These are the spaces people most often think of when they consider office flooring. While there are many excellent choices for these areas, we recommend olefin carpets that can stand up to wear and messes. These areas will also see high foot traffic, so be sure to choose flooring materials that will last for the long haul.

By carefully considering the needs of your office, including the number of people, rooms, desired environment, and functional spaces, you can choose appropriate flooring materials that will meet both your aesthetic and practical requirements. Next, let's look at some ways to size up your office so you understand your carpet needs before you make a purchase.  

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Sizing Up Your Office 


Before diving into the process of furnishing your office space, it is essential to appropriately size up the available space and consider the specific needs outlined in the background information. By doing so, you can ensure that your office will be efficiently utilized and meet the requirements of your workforce.  

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When we say "size up" we mean not only understanding the dimensions and square foot of your space, but also determining levels of foot traffic, noise level, and your budget for installation costs.   


Dimensions and Square Feet 


When sizing up your office environment for new flooring, the first thing you should look at is the dimensions and square footage of the space. Remember that many rooms are not perfect rectangles, they often have atypical angles and nooks that make determining square feet more intensive. One advantage of working with flooring professionals is that they can help you measure your space accurately for flooring that is a perfect fit for your office setting, and an installation process that is seamless. 

Once you have the dimensions of your space figured out, it's time to factor in your square footage. It may take a little bit of math, but once you have determined the square footage you need to cover, determining what commercial flooring options fit your budget will be a breeze. 


Foot Traffic 


Determining your office's level of foot traffic will go a long way toward helping you find the best flooring. Offices or areas that see heavy traffic will need flooring that is both durable and comfortable underfoot. Oftentimes these environments need carpet or rubber flooring or plank flooring. If choosing carpet, carpet tiles would be ideal in highly trafficked areas. Mud, snow, salt, rain or just overall beverage or food spills can make quite a mess on carpet and eventually stains become difficult to remove. This makes carpet tiles a great choice as you can swap new tiles out for old tiles. Foot traffic can be determined by number of employees and the areas those employees work and congregate.  


Noise Level 


Noise is another factor that must be considered when selecting flooring. Noise carries and echoes more on harder surfaces. So while stylistically you may want natural stone flooring for your 150-person office, more practical floors like carpet are probably a better choice. Remember that noise distractions reduce productivity. Always opt for quiet spaces over style.  


Determine Your Budget 


Now that you understand your other flooring considerations, it's time to find flooring for your budget. Expensive flooring options are right for certain workspaces, especially if those options are going to last for years to come, but if you need to cover a wide swath of space, there is a wide range of more affordable flooring options with minimal maintenance that may be right for you.   

Some of the most common office flooring options include carpet tiles, vinyl flooring, and laminate flooring. These choices are affordable for most budgets and offer various benefits, such as easy installation, durability, and noise reduction. Selecting a suitable flooring option that aligns with your budget will help you identify flooring that will perfectly suit your office space.  


Find Your Office's Next Flooring with A Step Above Floors 


Finding the perfect flooring for any space is never easy. It takes weeks of research and consideration to determine which is best for your space. This challenge is doubled when looking for office flooring. For offices, there are so many spaces to fill with various needs and ease of maintenance.  

If you have a home office, a flooring professional will be able to help you find the right floors to fit the type of office space you have, while keeping it cozy and warm like your home. However, for commercial office spaces, you need a team of flooring professionals. That is where the pros at A Step Above Flooring come in.  

A Step Above Flooring has an expansive showroom full of flooring options that are perfect for every space and every budget. Whether you are looking for carpet, hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, or anything in between, we have you covered. Not only that, but our team of experts will help you through the entire process from determining your dimensions to installation.  

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