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Laundry Room Redo

June 24, 2020

When you think of a ‘laundry room,’ you think of laundry baskets, piles of clothing on top of the dryer, dirty clothes on the floor, and disgusting lumps of detergent all over the detergent container. For most, no

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Your Guide for Carpet Fiber and Pile Cut

Your Guide for Carpet Fiber and Pile Cut

Carpet fiber and pile cut are the two key features in different types of carpet. 

Carpet fiber is the natural or synthetic material used to make loops. Pile cut is how the loops of fiber are treated and at what length and angle they are cut.  

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Black and white tile in a bathroom

Bathroom Floor Trends of 2023

Are you looking for new bathroom floors in 2023?  


 Choosing the right material and style for you is not an easy choice! Every home has different needs for its bathroom, and because of that, no two homes will need the same bathroom floors.  

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A person measuring flooring

Flooring Companies: Big Box Stores vs. Local Retailers

April 17, 2023  |  Big Box Stores, Local Retailers

When you are considering getting new floors, there are many things you must accomplish.  

You need to determine your budget, the type of flooring material you want to use when you want your flooring replaced, and more. But before you decide on any of those things, you first must decide whether you should shop at a big box store or your local flooring retailer.  

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A woman on a couch covering her mouth

Is My Floor Causing My Allergies?

This time of year, allergies are running rampant.  

If you are sniffling, suffering from itchy eyes, or otherwise wrestling with the woes of allergies, then you know how important it is to remove yourself from the culprit.

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Hands installing hardwood flooring

Recognizing When to Refinish vs. Replace Hardwood

March 20, 2023  |  hardwood floors, Replace Flooring

We all love our hardwood floors.  


But in truth, those scratches and gouges seem to catch our eyes more these days than the pristine, natural beauty of the wood.

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Hardwood Flooring 101: Understanding the Janka Hardness Scale

Hardwood Flooring 101: Understanding the Janka Hardness Scale

Installing new hardwood can be an intimidating process. Not only do you have to find new floors that fit with your style, but you also need wood that is comfortable to walk on, will stand up to the wear and tear of your daily life, and is durable enough to last you for decades to come.

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