Discovering the Perfect Carpet for Your Home

Discovering the Perfect Carpet for Your Home

December 4, 2023  |  Carpet, Carpet Tips, Flooring Guide, Tips and Tools
Discovering the Perfect Carpet for Your Home

Shopping for the perfect carpet is not only exciting, but it also adds coziness and comfort to your home. But don't just go for style and color; think about your family's lifestyle. When people first come to us, sometimes they focus only on what they think will look most fashionable or what they think will make a statement. 

This can be a mistake as it ignores lifestyle and the needs of your home. You should ask yourself many questions before buying carpet. Are there kids living in the home? How old are they? Do you have pets? How often do you entertain? Consider your daily activities, and you'll realize that a pristine white carpet may not be the best choice. 

To help you find the right carpet, we are here to give you some guidelines that will give you a great starting point! 

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Some Tips for Discovering the Perfect Carpets 


How do you find the perfect carpet? It is a question that many of our customers ask when they first shop with A Step Above Flooring. The truth is that finding a carpet is not hard, so long as you know the right questions to ask.  

This is your guide to carpets. Looking for the perfect flooring? Check out the guide here! 

Below, we will look at some considerations every homeowner should make before buying their next carpet. 


Quality of Carpet is Important 


When it comes to finding the perfect carpet for your home, you want to be sure you are getting quality that will hold up over time. You get what you pay for, plain and simple. A carpet that has a greater pile density and a tighter twist means you will have greater durability in the long run. When comparing carpets, make sure to feel the texture of the carpet fibers with your hands to ensure you are getting the highest quality. 

Ask yourself: Is this carpet something I will want to feel under my feet every day? Will this carpet cause a rug burn if my little ones fall? Is the material going to hold up to the pressures of my daily life for years to come?  

In general, higher- quality carpets will last longer than cheap materials and feel better underfoot. But if you have a home that sees more than its fair share of mud or spills, or if you just want to replace your carpets regularly, then you may be better off with a lower-quality carpet (bearing in mind that you will replace it sooner). 

What are carpet fiber and pile cut? This is your guide! 


Carpet Color Can Make all the Difference 


Usually, when a customer comes to us, the first thing on their dream carpet list is color. It makes sense! Carpet color can totally transform your space! But knowing which colors are your favorites and which colors will look good in your home are two completely different things.  

Here are some basic guidelines for picking out a color: 

  • The carpet is always going to be lighter than the small sample that you picked from our showroom.

  • The lighter the color of the carpet, the larger the rooms will look. The darker the color, the smaller your rooms will look.

  • A fleck or two-tone carpet is perfect to add more depth to your rooms. These types of carpet tones add subtle hints of color that can coordinate with many color palettes.

  • If you plan to sell your home in the future, go with the more neutral colors because they will appeal to buyers, especially when they're trying to figure out how to 'decorate' this new home as they walk through. 
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How Important is Stain Protection for Your Carpets? 


Consider the stain protection of the carpet you choose. Homes that see grape juice spills, muddy boots, dirty dogs, and finger-painting mishaps are likely not the best candidates for stark white carpets or the latest designer brand. 

When we see homes that regularly encounter messes, our staff always recommends that the homeowner look for carpeting that has high stain resistance or carpets that come in darker or more neutral colors. That way, spills will be easier to clean, and if stains do occur, they will blend in with the darker material. 

How do you keep carpets clean? This is your guide! 


 Consider Carpet Cushioning 


Carpet Cushion or carpet padding is a very important decision and one that is too often overlooked. Padding often helps decide how comfortable your carpets will be underfoot. Not only that, but a thick layer of padding also absorbs sound and impact. 

Although padding goes under the carpet and is not seen, it plays an important part in your carpet. A higher-quality padding can provide tougher protection against wear and tear. Purchasing recommended padding from the carpet manufacturer will also keep the warranty for your carpet in place. 


How Much Should I Spend on My Carpet? 


When pricing out carpets, many retailers prefer to use "per square foot" pricing, although carpet is typically priced per square yard as an industry standard. 

When requesting a quote, it is important to ensure that all aspects are included, not just the materials. The items to consider when requesting a quote include furniture removal and replacement, demolition, carpet cushion (padding), installation, and transportation. 

When crunching the numbers for your budget, don't forget to take into account ALL of these expenses. And here's a little secret: those big box stores may claim free carpet installation, but trust us, it's never really free. It's cleverly hidden within other costs, like a sneaky higher pad price or carpet price.  


A Step Above Flooring is Here to Help with Your Carpet Needs 


At A Step Above Flooring, we see all kinds of different people with a wide range of carpeting needs. Our team of expert carpet professionals knows what it takes to help you find the carpet of your dreams. We can take into account your lifestyle and home goals to help you identify the best fit for you.  

Not only that, but our installation team installs carpets and flooring of all different kinds. They are respectful and courteous, and they know what to do to ensure that your carpets are installed perfectly every time. 

If you are curious about what A Step Above Flooring can do to enhance your carpeting experience, stop by our showroom or click here to reach out today! 

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