Carpet Trends

Posted on: May 29, 2015
Carpet Silk
Mohawk Strandstrand Silk Council Gardens

The style and color of carpet changes periodically and 2015 certainly has been a transitional year for carpet to move towards a new designing trend. While carpet choice used to be limited to basic beige or brown, textures, patterns and flecks are being incorporated to add interest to a very basic background. In fact, carpet is becoming a new focal point of interior design.

The 'new neutrals' are grays and taupes. These soft hues help create a backdrop for colors to pop throughout a room. They can also stand on their own.

Other 'new neutrals' included muted blues and greens or teals. These increasingly popular colors create a bold look when paired with neutral white backdrops, creating tranquil and soothing environments, such as bodies of water.

Making a comeback is the flecked look. You'll find multiple colors sprinkled throughout a neutral background, creating depth and interest. The advantage to this is that it will help mask spills and dirt.

Patterns and textures are also making a comeback, giving rooms that chic appeal, but also reducing the appearance of dirt and stains. Look for more textured loops, which are soft and durable with variable pile heights, as well as ribbed carpet and striations. These textures add dimension and can be rich in color.

Once  you've decided on the color and style, with or without pattern or texture, who wouldn't want to have carpet that feels as soft as silk? Mohawk's Smartstrand Silk's luxurious feel comes from a higher yield of finely refined fiber than found in other ordinary carpets. Who knows? You may forgo the bed at night and find the floor a much softer place... Sweet dreams!