Choosing the Right Stains For Your Hardwood Floors

Posted on: June 17, 2014
Tags: Monocoat White 5% Oil Finish on Teak Flooring
Monocoat White 5% Oil Finish on Teak Flooring

So you've decided to have new, unfinished hardwood floors installed throughout your home and they will site-finsihed to the perfect stain color of your choice! Did someone say choice?? Now that's going to be a tough decision to make! What color do you like today? Will you like it tomorrow? Do you want them to have an aged finish? Choosing the right stains and/or unique effects can be a little overwhelming, at times daunting. However, you might as well have a little fun with your design and enjoy the opportunity of creativity ahead of you!

Rubio Monocoat offers a very diverse product line of colors and effects to choose from. With over 40 colors and other options, the choices are endless. If you're looking for an application that requires quick curing for indoors, then the Natural Monocoat Oil Plus 2C Finish, a 2-component oil finishing system, is for you. Maybe you want contrasting effects on your floors... if that's the case, the Precolor Easy comes in 14 unique shades and allows you to create contrasting effects in combination with the many oil finish colors of the Monocoat line.

If you're looking for an aged look, the Smoke effect reacts in accordance to the amount of tannic acid that is already in the wood. This allows the oak to age. Smoke allows you to create very unique effects since the darkness of the ageing depends on the amount of tannin in the wood.

Now that 'gray' is the new brown, the Fumed product might be what you're looking for. Fumed creates a special effect on oak that makes the wood turn gray. The Fumed also reacts in accordance to the amount of tannin that is already in the wood, allowing for the creation of very unique and personalized effects.

If special effects or contrasting looks are not your thing, you can choose from an abundance of colors for an extremely durable one-coat finish. For a more traditional look, choose the Pure, which offers a clear finish, allowing the wood grain to really pop. You might want to finish your floors with a Cherry, Mahogany or Walnut stain color. For the ambitious project, get a little crazy with the Cotton White, Sapphire or even Emerald! Whatever your project, have fun, be creative, and find your style... happy designing!