Hardwood Floors During the Winter Months

Posted on: November 28, 2018
Shoes and boots
Shoes at the door

The four seasons in Cincinnati this year have been like riding a crazy roller coaster… A long, cold winter, a short spring, a long, hot summer and a few days of fall. Here we are, facing another winter and they say it’s going to be a rough one! Winter can be a high-stress time for your floors, especially in the Cincinnati area. One week it’s 25 degrees and 9” of snow, the next week it’s -5 below zero with a wind chill of -20 below, and the following week, a balmy 65 degrees! If you’re not from Cincinnati, the weather will always surprise you! Nonetheless, you never want surprises for your hardwood floors. During these winter months, take the necessary precautions to protect your investment now. Even with messy boots and shoes, here are some simple tips that will help protect their floors during these cold, but unpredictable winter months.

·         A place for everything and everything in its place – Get a ‘boot’ tray or ‘basket to put your shoes/boots in the moment you walk in the house. Old milk cartons are perfect for putting them in and you can place an old towel just under to keep the moisture off your floor

·         Use doormats or rugs at your door – This is a perfect place to take off those wet, snowy boots and keep the ‘brown’ snow from being trampled throughout your house. Another use for those rugs is to ‘bunch’ them up together and place them right at the bottom of the door to keep the warm air in and the cold air out. Be sure to remove the rugs if they get too wet and place them elsewhere to dry a bit

·         Manage the heat – During the cold, winter months, we immediately turn up the heat in our homes to stay warm. By doing so, however, your home can dry out the hardwood, leading to problems like shrinkage and cracked floorboards. Run a humidifier in your home to keep moisture in the air at the most optimal levels year-round

·         Walk-off mats at entrances – A sturdy walk-off at your front and back doors, or the door from your garage into your home, are great for high moisture. Not only will they not hold in the moisture, but they’re great for ‘kicking’ off the mud, snow and salt buildup off the footwear

·         Hardwood Floor Cleaners – Make sure you have a good floor cleaner for hard surfaces. Most hardwood floor manufacturers will recommend specific cleaners for their products, which also helps keep your warranty in-tact. Keep clear of the store-bought ‘cleaners’ that say you can use them to clean your hardwood. Most likely, they will ruin your hardwood floors. A good cleaner will not only remove the salt that tracks in on your shoes, but also allows you to keep your floors looking great