Keep Your Carpets Fresh and Clean

Posted on: March 26, 2020
mohawk carpet
Mohawk Carpet

Keeping your carpets clean and fresh make a huge difference in a home. However, it can also seem like a never-ending battle as children and pets continue to put carpeted rooms through the wringer with muddy paws or shoes, spilled juice, crushed crackers or pet fur that get wedged deep within the carpet fibers. Although we want our homes to feel homey and comfortable, we also want our floors to look great at the same time.

Remove the Shoes:

At our entry is a basket that everyone can put their shoes in when they come into our home. By doing so, we eliminate the amount of dirt and mess that can be tracked in over time. Think about it, where do your shoes go as you wear them every single day? They track every single gross germ that goes across the grocery store aisles, the office corridors, warehouse floors, and parks where animals are free to ‘do their business.’ We like sitting on our carpeted floors so that we can play with our grandchildren, so we prefer to keep it as ‘gross germ’ free as possible

Vacuum Regularly:

There are a lot of benefits to vacuuming your carpets and area rugs. You remove the dirt, debris and allergens that are tracked in daily before any of these things have a chance to build up over time in your home. By vacuuming regularly, you prolong the life of your carpet. Regular upkeep not only keeps your carpet looking newer over time, but also prevents particles from wedging deep within the carpet fibers.

Professional Carpet Cleaning:

Did you know that you can void your warranty if you do not have your carpet regularly cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner? The Carpet and Rug Institute recommend that you have your carpet professionally cleaned every 12-18 months. When you think about it, how often do you clean your clothes that you wear daily? Or the towels that you use when you shower or bathe? It makes sense to clean your carpets on regularly maintained schedule, especially as you play with young children on the floors.

Rearrange your Room:

It’s always fun to play around with furniture, especially as the seasons change. By rearranging your furniture, you not only create a new and fun atmosphere, but this also gives you an opportunity to find those missing Legos or Matchbox cars, plus a few Lucky Charms marshmallows!

Being aware of these tips will not only keep your carpets bright, fresh, and smelling good, but it will also provide a much nicer environment for friends and family.