Protecting Your Dining Area Carpet

Posted on: January 15, 2015
Splat Mat
Dinner Time

The dining area... Where everyone gathers together to talk about their day, joke and share stories at breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is also where everyone spills their food and drinks, leaving food and beverage stains for cleanup after you just had a relaxing meal. To help protect your dining room carpet, here are some tips to keep it clean and make your life a little easier.

Broom and dustpan to sweep up food: Much of the stuff spilled from plates can easily be swept up immediately and kept from being stepped and mashed into the carpet. Some food might be too big, or too hard, and could actually make an even larger mess by using a vacuum. Keep a whisk broom and dustpan handy to easily sweep up the mess.

Splat Mats: If you have children, particularly infants or toddlers, spills are inevitable and unavoidable. Plastic matting under chairs and high chairs will help make the cleanup much easier and quicker.

Vacuum: After every meal, vacuum your carpet. You might think to yourself that you didn't spill any food on the floor, but what you don't realize is that miniscule crumbs will fall from the table while eating or cleaning up. Use a vacuum after every meal to clean up all food. Hand vacuums are inexpensive and can be easily stored out of view.

Keep a towel handy: Keep a white towel near the kitchen sink at all times. If you have a beverage spill, you can easily soak up the spill while blotting the towel. A white towel helps you to see what you're soaking up and also keeps any dye from a colored towel transferring dye onto the carpet. 

Go cheap: Purchase an inexpensive rug that looks like a million! It's an instant design change to your home that not only brightens your room, but it's not a huge deal if you have to replace it. Purchase area rugs that are darker in color or have colorful patterns to help camouflage the stains. It's a much cheaper option to replace an area rug than an entire room of carpet. 

We hope these little tips will help and take a little stress away from the daily grind.