Research Does Not Make You An Expert

Posted on: July 24, 2019

Don’t confuse your Google searches with our expertise…

The internet has changed the way we do many things and the way we think. In an age where we all carry some sort of device with lightning-fast speeds, we rely on the world wide web to remember everything for us. There is no need to remember a recipe, just ‘Google’ it, we can organize an event on a social media platform, or find everything we need to know about a flooring product because we went to He has a website, so he must be knowledgeable, right???

Wrong… Researching the search engines just lead you down a rabbit hole on every imaginable subject. We arm ourselves with information from 10 different websites but forget to check the sources or ultimately consult an expert. It’s not wrong to do some research, but when you do, list your questions from what you read and bring them to the experts in the field.

When it comes to flooring, customers approach us with some odd requests because ‘they found it on the internet.’ From wanting to acclimate hardwood in a home for weeks on end or using water and vinegar to clean hardwood floors because the ‘experts’ said so. By the way, it’s the moisture reading contents that really dictate when we can install hardwood floors and water and vinegar can ultimately destroy the finish on the hardwood (or swell or discolor).

One of the most requested lately for flooring is the great deal! “I found a really great hardwood floor online, I’ve read all about it, it’s absolutely perfect for our home, it’s very high end and it’s only .99 cents per square foot! Can you install it?” Now, here are some questions to ask yourself when faced with such an attractive price:

  1. How much is freight going to be?
  2. Will the delivery be placed in the house or just curbside?
  3. What happens if there is an issue with the product?
  4. How are claims handled? Who is responsible for the freight charges to return?
  5. Will you have a designated company representative to help coordinate your ordering and beyond?
  6. Most professional installers will not provide an installation warranty on product they didn’t supply because they then lack the care, custody & control if issues arise

Sometimes you get lucky, it goes smoothly & you get a great deal, but majority of the time it doesn’t…is it worth the gamble? Don’t make a fool of yourselves through misguided decisions, talk to the experts who have been in and have trained in the field of expertise for years… You never want to be the next EPIC FAIL