8 Flooring Investments For Your Home

Best Flooring Investments in 2022

November 19, 2021  |  Design Trends, hardwood floors
Best Flooring Investments

The floors of your home are an investment.  

A home’s floor represents the style and personality of the owner. They give visitors an instant impression of the lifestyle the homeowner leads.  

In addition, an investment in high-quality floors can greatly impact the value of a home.  

Some homeowners opt to replace their floors every few years to keep up with trends, while others prefer a timeless look that will last for decades.  

However, most homeowners opt for a happy medium: high-quality flooring that represents the style of the decade while retaining a touch of timeless elegance.  As 2021 ends, many homeowners are considering what fashion trends 2022 will bring and what kind of floors they should consider suiting the style of the upcoming decade.   

In this post, we will go over some flooring style trends in 2022 so you can install floors that will stay stylish for the 2020s. 

Flooring Styles in 2022 

Flooring trends in the 2020s can be described as naturalistic and minimalistic.  

Overly complex or manufactured flooring will not suit the style of the times and will give your home a gaudy look.  

Here are some styles of 2022 that will stay in style for the next decade: 

Smoked wood flooring 

Smoked wood provides a strong, dark color that retains the natural grain of freshly cut wood. The wood is smoked instead of stained. The smoking process does not create one uniform color. Instead, each panel of wood is a slightly different hue, resulting in a naturalistic look.  

Bleached wood 

The bleached wood floor gives the wood a whitish hue, featuring its natural grain. While the wood does undergo a chemical process, it is meant to look as if it has been naturally bleached by the sun. 

Weathered wood  

Weathered wood is a popular look as it makes your flooring look as if it is composed of old wood. It will give your home a lived-in, rustic look.  

Concrete tiles 

Concrete tiles give your home a naturalistic look like weathered wood, but it uses concrete or micro-cement instead of wood. Concrete tiles can be made to mimic many different surfaces, even wood. Concrete tiles are a great fit for bathroom and kitchen floors.  

Patterned wood floors 

Wood flooring laid in artistic patterns has become very popular in recent years. Among the most popular is the herringbone pattern. Other homeowners opt for custom designs to show off their style.  

Black and white tiles 

Black and white tiles are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms that have an old-world charm. Elegant and visually compelling, modern tiles are more graphic in style than old fashion tiles. Black and white tiles are a perfect fit for historic homes that need a modern update.  

Reclaimed wood 

Wood that has been taken from old barns, old houses, and other structures has become increasingly popular as it gives floors an old fashion look by using naturally aged wood. Reclaimed wood comes in highly varied colors and often has a weathered look. Homeowners have their choice of source material and can even buy tiles that replicate the look of reclaimed wood.  

Porcelain tiles 

Porcelain tiles are an extremely popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Hexagon patterns will be the most popular arrangement in 2022 and can give your home an extremely unique and stylized look.  

Install the Floors that Suit Your Style 

The best floor is the floor that reflects your style and taste.  

In 2022, the most popular styles will give a naturalistic look made from colored materials. Most flooring types are meant to give an untreated and aged look.  

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